COP28: ‘Break the destructive cycle of climate change and air pollution’

Local governments across the globe have been urged to take action on strengthening air quality data in a bid to better protect citizens.

aerial view of high-rise buildings covered with smoke

Eight members of the Healthy Cities initiative issued a statement at the UN climate summit COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates yesterday, Wednesday 6th December.

Representatives from Bogotá, Colombia; Bucharest, Romania; Chicago, US; Fortaleza, Brazil; Dhaka North, Bangladesh; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kampala, Uganda; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Kigali, Rwanda all united in the message. It is hoped that by delivering more robust and comprehensive monitoring infrastructure, regions are better positioned to gauge the actual burden of air pollution on public health, and how different types of exposure lead to various outcomes.

‘The size of our populations and our proximity to the challenges mean cities hold tremendous potential to enact change. We can also lead by example. That is why, as world leaders gather at COP28, we call on cities around the world to adopt effective air monitoring programs and use data to promote public health actions that improve the lives of their citizens,’ the Healthy Cities statement read.

‘Cities are bearing the brunt, so as mayors, we are in a race against time: With urban populations increasing rapidly, every year more children are growing up breathing toxic air. We cannot afford to delay putting systems in place that reliably monitor pollutants in our air—and harness this data to inform public health policy,’ it continued. ‘We stand committed to breaking the destructive cycle of climate change and air pollution and its disastrous effects on public health in urban centers. As part of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, we are working to prevent [non-communicable disease] and create healthier, safer, more resilient and more equitable cities.’

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