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SulNOx Group Plc – Taking You Further, Faster and Cleaner

The Greentech company providing next generation, natural solutions, for immediate progression towards carbon neutrality. 

SulNOx Group Plc specialises in providing responsible solutions towards decarbonisation of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Our patented fuel additives are unique and made only from sustainable, biodegradable ingredients; reducing the production of harmful, environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions such as NOx (>30%), whilst also reducing deadly Particulate Matter (PMs), including soot and smoke (PM2.5 ↓60% and PM10 ↓50+%).

How it Works
The amount of each “emission” depends on the quality of combustion. When too little oxygen is available, this results in an inefficient burn and produces more CO and C (PMs). Using SulNOx fuel additives when filling up, increases the amount of oxygen available to the fuel – promoting cleaner combustion and optimal energy output, meaning reduced fuel consumption (typically between 8% and 10%).

Simple to use and immediately effective, SulNOx Group Plc currently has successful products in the global marketplace including our SulNOxEco™ Diesel and Petrol Fuel Conditioners which enhance all diesel, petrol, and biofuels by improving the burn profile; thereby reducing emissions whilst saving users money.

What sets SulNOx apart
Traditional fuel additives are fossil fuel based, often formulated from waste refinery products such as naphthalene or xylene. They work in the same way as adding lighter fluid to a fire to make the combustion of fuel burn harder and brighter and simply adding fossil fuels to the problem of fossil fuels. This is neither a solution for decarbonisation nor reducing the harmful impact that fossil fuel combustion is having on health and the environment; it simply masks the real problem of poorly combusted fuel by adding cetane points which are not a green credential.

SulNOx Group Plc has partnered with EcoVadis Gold rated Nouryon BV to produce our Greentech products. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioners are verified by Bureau Veritas to be compatible with all diesel and gasoline type fuels (including EN590, EN16709 Biofuels (B20, B30), EN228 gasoline (E5 and E10)) and are certified to comply with, and not alter, the specification of any of these fuel types. SulNOxEco™ Fuel Conditioner is the only fuel additive that will not void your engine warranty as it remains fully compliant to recommended engine manufacturer standards.

Industries currently benefiting from using our products include transport (haulage, buses, coaches, taxis, van fleets etc.), shipping, oil companies, fuel storage and distribution, waste/reclamation, mining, generators, agriculture, and construction.

SulNOx Group Plc is a UK Public Limited Company, formed in 2012, trading on the pan-European Apex segment of the AQSE (Aquis Stock Exchange) growth market.

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