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Tech Air Solutions and AirSmart Bollard were conceived after watching a BBC programme which showed that air pollution around drive thru’s was 25% higher than “normal” levels and therefore potentially affecting the long and short term health of staff and customers. Air pollution consists of Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). All vehicles produce tyre and brake dust and engine fumes. Research has shown around 50 million vehicle tyres are sold or supplied each year in the UK. Wear and tear on car tyres has been found to be responsible for around 28 per cent of the microplastics found in the ocean.  In addition, there is increasing scientific concern about “the chemical cocktail” that goes into tyre manufacture, which releases heavy metals like copper, lead, and zinc into the environment.  We have designed and developed a solution to address this problem to effectively “clean” the air and reduce air pollution at specific locations where people and high density of traffic/transportation/industry mix, such as drive thru’s, bus stations/stops, train stations and schools.. Prototype testing has provided excellent results and we have reduced PM 2.5 by up to 65%.  Microtech Filters Ltd has designed, funded and developed AirSmart Bollard.  Microtech Filters Ltd have been designing and manufacturing industrial filters for 36 years and have used our research, design and manufacturing skills and experience in Industrial Filtration technology, combined with Smart technologies, to produce AirSmart Bollard, cleaning the air, improving air quality and reducing air pollution by up to 65%.  This will significantly improve the health and well-being of the nation’s population. In addition, this solution will contribute towards reducing the burden on the NHS of increasing levels of respiratory diseases and hospital admissions. Furthermore, improved health and well-being will also have a positive impact on the UK economy with more people being able to work and reduce the current £ 8 to 20 billion cost to the UK economy in lost productivity.  Finally, Tech Air Solutions have been officially nominated for The Earthshot Prize 2024 in the Clean our Air category.


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