AFC Energy launches hydrogen-powered mobile generator

AFC Energy is launching a mobile generator that is powered by hydrogen to replace polluting diesel generators on construction sites. 

The new Hydrogen Power Generators uses an alkaline fuel cell technology that has been developed at AFC Energy’s research facility in Surrey.  

It can be scaled from 20 kW to over 1MW to fit with typical power requirements of construction machinery. The technology can also use ammonia as a feedstock and apply a ‘cracker’ to produce hydrogen on demand to fuel the generator.

Last year, the company successfully announced the first successful integration of ammonia with alkaline fuel cells for hydrogen production.

Adam Bond, CEO of AFC Energy said: ‘Generators in London, used on over 5000 building sites in the capital, currently cause more than 14.5% of the most dangerous form of diesel particulate,’ 

‘Hydrogen-power replaces polluting diesel gensets with a clean sustainable generating system than be used on construction sites and for off-grid services with no air, atmosphere or noise pollution.’

The breakthrough could potentially be a big step in the world’s move towards clean off-grid power and could also be used to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

In the UK, a recent study commissioned by Scottish Power found that to meet EV deployment targets, almost £100bn of new investment is required to upgrade the network and deploy dedicated EV charging stations throughout the country. 

According to AFC Energy, large scale rapid charging cannot always be met without localised grid upgrades. 

Their system is designed to meet these needs by delivering an EV charger that can be safely fuelled using a variety of hydrogen sources whilst operating at optimum efficiency to enable rapid charging rates when and where it is required.

Adam Bond said: ‘Our system is independent of the grid and delivers EV charging in the most remote off-grid locations or in highly populated urban areas where supply is over-subscribed. With this system, we provide a solution to support the industry’s emerging need for a national network of EV charge-points.’


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