Air-Pot shortlisted for technology award

Great news for a consortium developing technology to help sufferers of air pollution to improve their quality of life. Air-PoT has been shortlisted for the Technology Supply Chain awards for the category of Tech Innovator of the Year.

The UK currently has tens of thousands of Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled pollution sensors in operation. These equipment/sensors are owned by 100s of councils, 100s of consortiums’ schemes, numerous authorities/organisations, and numerous private groups. These owners, however, share their results through many different uncoordinated sources/websites, which display information in very different ways, thus making access and ability to understand this data/information difficult. The trend is similar across Europe with a massive number of sensors and the USA with over 100,000 sensors disseminated via many different means.

Air-PoT (led by a consortium of experienced experts in business, technology and atmospheric science) looks to bridge this gap by cleverly combining AI, Blockchain, and BigData to harness data from the advanced UK infrastructure thousands of IoT emission sensors via a centralised platform. The result of this data harmonisation process enables an intuitive and user- friendly App to help inform and guide public behaviour to avoid high air pollution areas, offering sufferers valuable health guidance and recommendations based on localised air pollution levels.

To find out more about the Tech Innovator of the Year click here. 

The innovative means by which this is accomplished includes;

– A clustered blockchain centralised platform that:
IoT pollution sensors owner can directly plug their data into for onward sharing o Will pay sensors owners for the use of their data

– An app that will use big-data-analytics, deep learning and predictive analytics (artificial intelligence) to
Display pollution data based on end users’ areas of interest (e.g., using postcode or route search)
Produce a data-centric air pollution model for areas without monitoring equipment o Predict forthcoming pollution levels using historical weather, traffic and other pollution driving data

– Databank of historic pollution data that can be bought for research, consultancy, policy-making, etc.

Establishing a multidisciplinary network of like-minded organisations and individuals has been the aim from the start. As such, Air-Pot gratefully acknowledges participation from esteemed organisations such as Public Health England, Asthma UK, and the Met Office, as well as many others. Air-PoT looks to build on its substantial network to continue its quest to use technology to deliver value to sufferers in innovative and productive ways.

Focussing first on how to deliver the most value to sufferers in the UK, Air-PoT then plans to extend its offerings to the global market.

All of the Air-PoT team are very passionate about what they are doing and feel very privileged to be nominated for this award. Airpot is making a game changing development, you could support them by voting for Airpot and help them continue the excellent work.

To find out more about the Tech Innovator of the Year click here. 



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robbers alice
robbers alice
1 year ago

I like how the writer organized his thoughts in addition to he visual part.

2 years ago

Cool! IT technologies are developing very quickly today, and it is essential to be familiar with them. I have been developing computer games for a long time, and I see only prospects in this. We work with an amiable team that will always help and advises. This is very important to me.

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