IKEA to launch Vindstyrka, a smart indoor air quality sensor in April

From April, IKEA will be selling an indoor air quality sensor that represents a significant upgrade on the Vindriktning model they launched in 2021. The original, inexpensive piece of kit used a simple traffic light warning system to alert the owner of high levels of PM2.5, whereas the new product will put an exact figure not only on particulate matter but total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), humidity and temperature.

While the sensor can be used as a stand-alone device, it is also compatible with IKEA’s Dirigera hub, a focal point for the company’s growing range of smart products that gives the user control via their IKEA Home smart app – raise the blinds, dim the lights etc.

Henrik Telander, Product owner at IKEA of Sweden says: ‘Although we spend most of our time indoors, many of us tend to forget about indoor air pollution. We take for granted that the air in our homes is clean, but small everyday activities like cooking or cleaning can contribute to poor air quality just as much as industry or traffic. With Vindstyrka, our ambition has been to create an affordable high-performing air quality sensor to help our customers become more aware of the quality of the air they breathe in their homes.

‘We want to work for positive change and know that there is no single solution to solve indoor air pollution. We strive to offer a variety of products and smart solutions that increase awareness of indoor air pollution and allow people to make the right changes for a home with cleaner air’

In recent years, concern over outdoor air pollution has dominated the debate but recent discussions, prompted by the popularity of  wood burning stoves, is bringing the public’s attention back inside.

Perhaps the market for domestic sensors and air cleaners is about to really take off.


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