LPG supplier backs diesel scrappage scheme

Autogas Ltd supports diesel scrappage measures, claiming shift to diesel vehicles has been “disastrous” for air quality

Calls for greater restrictions on diesel vehicles travelling in London as well as tax incentives for low emission vehicles have been welcomed by Autogas Ltd.

The company, a leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), backed policy recommendations set out in a report published yesterday (March 23) by think tank Policy Exchange in partnership with King’s College London.

Autogas Ltd has condoned a diesel scrappage scheme which promotes fuel alternatives

Autogas Ltd has condoned a diesel scrappage scheme which promotes fuel alternatives

The report recommends a host of policies aimed at cutting air pollution from the two main sectors affecting air quality in London — road transport and gas combustion (see story).

Among the recommendations laid out in the report are proposals to “clean up” the existing taxi fleet by encouraging the conversion of cabs to LPG.

It also backs calls for a diesel scrappage scheme, which the next Mayor of London should support by providing grants to take older diesel cars and vans off the road and replacing them.

Financial incentives that promoted a shift to diesel should meanwhile be replaced with low emission alternatives, and the fuel duty differential between LPG and other fuels should be guaranteed, the report adds.


Autogas Ltd has today given its backing to the report, claiming that the shift from petrol to diesel vehicles has been “disastrous” in terms of impact on air quality and health.

Established in 2000 as a joint venture between Shell and Calor, the company supplies LPG directly to UK motorists.

Linda Gomersall, Autogas Ltd General Manager, said:  “We know the damage that air pollution in our cities and particularly in London is causing to our health, and to that of our children.

“But there is much more that TfL, the Mayor, and government can do to achieve cleaner air quicker, including encouraging manufacturers to bring LPG vehicles to the UK market.

“The emission figures for taxis repowered to run on LPG are significant and impressive. We hope that the next Mayor will ensure he or she considers all of the options that are available to tackle London’s crisis, which after all is hitting the poorest, hardest.”


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