More research on NRMM emissions in London

Consultants to carry out costs study for proposed low emission zone for non road mobile machinery.

Consultants AEA Technology are to carry out a study to assess the compliance costs of the proposed low emission zone in London for non road mobile machinery (NRMM).

NRMM typically includes generators, bulldozers, forklifts and mobile cranes. The study comes as the Mayor of London develops work set out in the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy (MAQS) and the London Plan to reduce emissions from construction sites, with a particular focus upon Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM).


A range of machinery could be covered by the proposals for a NRMM low emission zone in London

AEA, for £13,993, will assess the compliance costs upon developers of the GLA’s proposed low emissions zone (LEZ) for NRMM plant under a proposal prepared for Stephen Tate, assistant director of environment at the Greater London Authority.

The work by AEA will build upon the method, assumptions and input data which it used in their earlier research into emissions reduction opportunities of the NRMM LEZ, which was funded by Defra. In a spending submission, Mr Tate explained that NRMM plant is typically older and less efficient than road vehicles.

He said: “The research conducted by AEA has shown that the emissions reductions opportunities of establishing a LEZ for NRMM in London are significant. In order to determine when and where the LEZ should be applied within the Capital it is important that research be carried out into the cost of compliance, which would be borne by developers (either through upgrading plant, installing retrofit abatement equipment or paying a non-compliance charge).”

The current research comes as part of longer term work on emissions in London.  In 2006 the GLA published best practice guidance (BPG) ‘The Control of Dust and Emissions from Construction and Demolition for developers, site operators and local authorities’.


The Greater London Authority notes that NRMM Non Road Mobile Machinery plant is not licensed or maintained in the same ways as road vehicles. “As a result this means that NRMM is often much older and more inefficient than road vehicles. This is supported by the data captured by TfL’s congestion charge cameras on road licensed NRMM within a six month period, which showed a wide age range in the NRMM plant observed.”

The GLA continued: “Requirements designed to reduce emissions from NRMM were included within the BPG. These required that NRMM should comply with the current or immediately previous EU Directive Staged Emissions Standards (97/68/EC, 2002/88/EC, 2004/26/EC) for NRMM. These requirements have not been widely implemented due to a lack of enforcement and lack of information about the number and profile of NRMM plant in use within London at any given time.”

Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) is defined as:
any mobile machine, item of transportable industrial equipment, or vehicle – with or without bodywork – that is:
- not intended for carrying passengers or goods on the road
- installed with a combustion engine – either an internal spark ignition (SI) petrol engine, or a compression ignition diesel engineExamples of non-road mobile machinery include, but are not limited to:
- garden equipment, such as hedge trimmers and hand-held chainsaws
- generators
- bulldozers
- pumps
- construction machinery
- industrial trucks
- fork lifts
- mobile cranes



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10 years ago

Hi, i have a foreign registered vehicle which is essentially a recovery truck with a Hiab crane i would only be entering the lez a couple of times a year could my truck be exempt as in mobile crane legislation ?Thanks in advance Jim.

10 years ago
Reply to  jim

No. A mobile crane is only a crane, and is classified as engineering plant because all it can do is to be a crane. Same applies to mobile concrete pumps, roadsweepers etc. (none of which requires a tachograph incidentally). Your vehicle can do lots of other things as well as using its HiAb, so it’s a proper lorry, and would have to be subject to the Zone.

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