‘No sanction’ on petrol and diesel cars in Paris

The Parisian municipal government has rebuffed claims that it is planning to ban the use of diesel and petrol vehicles in the French capital by 2030, contrary to reports in the country’s national media.

In a statement this afternoon, the Paris Authority confirmed its ambition to incentivise the use of electric and alternatively fuelled vehicles, without ‘prohibition or sanction’ against diesel or petrol cars.

The French government is looking to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, it has said

The authority’s ‘Plan Climat Énergie Territorial de Paris’, published today (12 October) does outline an ambition to move away from diesel cars in the city by 2024, and petrol by 2030.

However, the city has countered speculation of a ban on either petrol or diesel, stating: “No measure of prohibition or sanction is included in the new Plan Climat Énergie Territorial de Paris. In order to achieve the goal of an end to the thermal engines in 2030, the City has decided to invest in the development of alternatives and in the reinforcement of financial aids that allow individuals and professionals to buy clean vehicles.

“Indeed, the transport sector is in full swing. In recent months, many carmakers have announced their decision to invest in electric vehicles and gradually disengage from diesel and gasoline.”

A wider ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars has been mooted by the French national government by 2040, although firm details of this policy have yet to fully emerge (see story).


Action in France comes as the Mayor of the Danish capital Copenhagen has outlined his aim to ‘phase out’ diesel vehicles from the city.

According to newspaper reports, the Mayor is seeking to prohibit the use of diesel cars registered after January 2019. Current owners of diesel cars will be allowed to continue to drive their vehicles in the city, the reports have suggested.


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