Wedding car drivers wary of ‘older vehicle’ ban

NAWCP calls for exemptions from any proposed ban on older vehicles in London under ULEZ

A proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone in Central London, which could ban older vehicles from operating on certain roads in the capital could ‘close down’ the wedding car industry in London, an industry body has warned.

Transport for London has outlined initial plans for how the ULEZ in Central London may look from 2020, with the Mayor keen to increase the number of low emission vehicles in operation in the capital.

The organisation representing wedding car drivers is calling for an exemption from any proposed ULEZ for vintage cars

The organisation representing wedding car drivers is calling for an exemption from any proposed ULEZ for vintage cars

Among the proposals being considered for the ULEZ are a ban on older petrol powered vehicles that can’t meet pollution limits. It is thought this could affect wedding and funeral cars and ice cream vendors operating in the capital.

The National Association of Wedding Car Professionals (NAWCP) is urging TfL to ensure that any formal proposals for an ULEZ do not include an outright ban on older vehicles from operating in London.

NAWCP claims that man of its members use ‘specialist, vintage and classic’ vehicles, which are likely to produce more emissions than newer vehicles. And, the group argues that any attempts to clamp down on higher polluting vehicles, could essentially ban them from operating in the capital.


In response, the group has called for permit exemptions for wedding cars from any proposals under the ULEZ.

In a statement, the organisation said: “In general, the NAWCP believes that any newly proposed change in legislation should reflect society’s wishes and requirements, but it should not stifle choise or the wish for style and substance in life. As the vast majority of wedding car providers in the UK use veteran, vintage, classic and specialist vehicle, to ban en-masse those vehicles not complying with new emission regulations from the streets of London would effectively close down at a stroke the wedding car industry in London.

“The NAWCP, while supporting the general tenant of emission control within the UK would not be supportive of an outright ban, but would support the development of a permit based system that would allow wedding car operators to continue to operate freely in London, thus allowing those entering the institute of marriage to continue to enjoy the long held tradition of using veteran, vintage, classic and specialist vehicles as an integral part of their wedding celebrations. The current government supports the institution of marriage; therefore, the NAWCP would expect it also to support those traditions that embody the institution.”

TfL is set to publish formal plans for the ULEZ for consultation later this year.


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Wedding Cars London
Wedding Cars London
10 years ago

There’s certainly a great deal to find out about this subject. Thank you

10 years ago

There should be limited access for any vehicle. If I want to drive an old sports car through London a couple of times a year, it should be possible. All that’s needed would be a website to register the car on the day (and maybe pay a £5 fee). If an annual limit of 10 such visits was set – it would be bearable and achieve the aim of not having older vehicles used for commuting daily.

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